Teaching across cultures: lost in translation?

After a shifting career ambition of becoming a TV News broadcaster and then dreaming of becoming an architect, I finally settled on the romantic idea of becoming an academic...I find myself looking back to see if my romantic ideas match up with reality – especially in the context of what I have encountered through the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) course....I'm left pondering though, on how my teaching skills and experience developed in the Ghana and the UK will translate to the Dutch context. 

Thoughts on Ghana…so far (2nd November, 2014)

What serendipity is this!?! I have been searching for a document I remember I had once made listing all the cost/scholarship amounts of my expensive university education so far. I just couldn't remember the name of this document so I was going folder by folder opening every word file I come across with the faint … Continue reading Thoughts on Ghana…so far (2nd November, 2014)

Hello Wageningen, Hello Geography! We meet again…

I am delighted to say that as from today 1st April, I am taking up a new position as a Lecturer in Cultural Geography at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. In many ways this feels like the closing of a circle for me and the family. Then again, it might just be the closing of … Continue reading Hello Wageningen, Hello Geography! We meet again…

Old endings…new beginnings

Whew! Ahh!...now I can catch my breath! Another academic year comes to an end for me and I can now look back with smiles on an exciting year full of old endings and new beginnings. It has been a rather frantic dash to the finish line over the past days as I scurried to clear … Continue reading Old endings…new beginnings

What a topsy-turvy week!

What a topsy-turvy week it was last week. Last week was my first working week in Sheffield after I got back from my fieldwork research in Ghana (more about that in a post soon). I had great expectations for the week which I had already made plans for while still in Ghana. My plan was … Continue reading What a topsy-turvy week!