Premiere of Veni research project edumentary video

Finally, I had the premiere of this short edumentary video that provides an overview of my Veni research project. The video was made in August 2021 but COVID-19 related restrictions meant that we’ve had to keep postpone the date of the Tourism@WUR event during which I wanted to premiere the video. In the end we had the Tourism@WUR kick-off event yesterday Wednesday 23 March so I was able to finally show the video. I’m pleased to be able to share the video with the rest of the world.

In some ways, the video is a bit dated as I’ve made some slight change of emphasis in the research after my fieldwork in Ghana in 2021. However, the overall direction of the research project remains and I am looking forward to how my ongoing Netherlands fieldwork and upcoming Suriname fieldwork will unfold. A shout out to Michael Kunke and the Brand Elmina team for putting the video together.

As always, I welcome your critiques, questions, comments and feedback on the video and the research project in general. I’m happy to hear from those working in similar areas and/or those who see opportunities of collaboration.

One thought on “Premiere of Veni research project edumentary video

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