Here in my heart: an ode to my mother


You gave me 

You were here
You left a mark
Here in my heart

You loved
You were loved

You held me
I will hold you
Here in my heart


You breathed
Now no more

You saw
Now no more

You danced
Now no more

You smiled
Now no more

You laughed
Now no more

Cece Akua Otubea
You gave
all of you

You prayed
Now no more

‘Till we meet again
Cherished memories
Now and always
Here in my heart

2 thoughts on “Here in my heart: an ode to my mother

  1. Yeap! the loss of a mother is like the whole earth is coming to an end. Hush! Your mother has gone to live with The Almighty, but she left you and your family with The Almighty, so calm down my brother. Mommy is resting, and has no pain, no more. She loved you, she cared for you, she educated you and taught you a lot. All these that she has provided – cherish them now and forever. The time is now to celebrate her life – the laughs you had together as you were growing up- ha haaaaa mommy loved and cared for you sooo much
    Your loving friend and sister – Naomi Moswete


    • Thank you so much Naomi for your kind words. Much appreciated. Indeed, now is the time to cherish the laughs and wonderful memories.


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