Baby delivered: the smell of a printed book!

Finally, the baby has been delivered live and coloured with black&white patches. Oh, it smells nice and feels good to have a physical copy of the Routledge Handbook of Tourism in Africa in my hands. Part of the whole process of co-editing this voluminous handbook has been shared on this blog including when the manuscript was submitted back in February 2020 to the sneak peak when the proofs arrived and the hardwork of getting it all together.

It has been over 3 years of shared gestation in growing this book and I am grateful to my wonderful co-editors Marina Novelli and Manuel Alector Ribeiro for making it an enjoyable process. Do watch out for our planned virtual launching of the book in January, 2021….details to follow soon.

For now, grab your copies here or other retailers near you. In any case, request your university library to order a copy.

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