Slavery Heritage Tourism: places of remembrance and spaces of dialogue – a Studium Generale Lecture

As part of the Studium Generale’s series ‘Racism’, I will be delivering a live lecture on Tuesday 8 December, 20.00. In this lecture I will be exploring how the fluid everyday practices and performances of tourism at slavery-related heritage sites stimulate plural public memories and dialogue thereby challenging established narratives of the past, racial identites and belonging. This lecture is built on my Veni project and further develops the first articulation of ideas in my Black History (Achievement) Month lecture from last October. This lecture will be a corona-proof lecture with a limited number of students in attendance at the Impulse building on the Wageningen University & Research campus. There will be a recording but no live-streaming online. I will post the recorded video here once I have access so do come back and check it out later this week.

More details on the event here:

The ‘Racism’ series is organised by Wageningen University students through the Open Mind Lab programme from Studium Generale.

Studium Generale aims to encourage students and staff to think more critically, more clearly. About science, society and themselves. It seeks to prompt discussion of these subjects and, in so doing, to take the participants beyond the limits of their own disciplines, let them discover new perspectives, and encourage them to examine the ideas they hold.

More info can be found here

Recording of the lecture

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