Phuket…here I come (soon)!

I am delighted to have been successful with my application and to have been invited to the Newton Funded Researcher Links Workshop on INCLUSIVE INNOVATION IN TOURISM. This Researcher Links Workshop is taking place in Phuket, Thailand at the end of August and…

…provides a unique opportunity for early career researchers from the UK, Thailand and internationally to share research expertise and network, exploring opportunities for building long-lasting collaborations related to inclusive innovations and new business models in tourism. During the workshops early career researchers will be expected to participate actively by leading or engaging in workshop paper sessions, discussion panels and interactive event activities.

The aim of the workshop is….

…to support international development-relevant research, contribute to capacity building of early career researchers,  and establish new research links or significantly develop existing links, with the potential for longer term sustainability in the area of inclusive innovation for enhanced local experience in tourism. 

The exciting part for me is that the British Council is covering the related cost of my participation at the workshop (travel, visa fees, accommodation and meals). It is a packed and intensive programme of learning and networking activities from Day 1 to Day 4.  but I am looking forward to making new connections. I will be presenting a paper on “Institutional thickness, inclusive innovation and tourism‐led local economic development planning”.

This being my first ever trip to continental Asia, it would have been nice to see more of this place. However, the workshop programme is too tight to meander and the length of stay too short to linger.


As I don’t really do bucket list stuff, I guess I am not going to be too disappointed to find out I ended up completing only 1 of the “18 best things to do in Phuket” – which is basically that I was there but holed up in a conference room for the whole time. For what it’s worth, it might leave a lingering desire to go back for a long family holiday.

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