Happy Birthday! to my lovely wife, Marre

Happy Birthday! to my lovely wife, Marre...I just want to wish you a happy birthday and to say thank you. Thank you for who you are - kind, loving, compassionate, thoughtful and a thousand many other adjectives of that can describe your amazing personality

“But You Are Also Ghanaian, You Should Know”: the iceberg illusion and the story of a research article

So, as you read this research article, please remember that this success you are seeing did not happen overnight. It is only the tip of the iceberg underneath which has been 2 years of sordid hard work, sacrifice, dedication, disappointment and persistence. Don't give up on your manuscript, thesis, dissertation or whatever writing project you face. Keep pushing, keep grafting, and know that disappointments, heck even straight failure would come, but persist until you find a home for that manuscript. Just don't give up......

Old endings…new beginnings

Whew! Ahh!...now I can catch my breath! Another academic year comes to an end for me and I can now look back with smiles on an exciting year full of old endings and new beginnings. It has been a rather frantic dash to the finish line over the past days as I scurried to clear … Continue reading Old endings…new beginnings