[New paper, Open Access] Tourism and Hospitality Research in the Peripheries: Thematic Focus and a Research Agenda from Ghana

We finally found a home for this manuscript after almost throwing it in the bin at some point. The journey of this manuscript has been perhaps too long and understandably our love in this pet project began to wane. Thanks to my co-author Chris Mensah at Ho Technical University, Ghana for persisting when I wanted to throw in the towel.


Tourism and Hospitality Research in the Peripheries: Thematic Focus and a Research Agenda from Ghana

Increasing debates on decolonising tourism and hospitality knowledge production have emerged in the context of a largely Western-dominated canon of the research production and dissemination system. This paper contributes to these debates by highlighting and centring the research in and on Ghana. This is accomplished by reviewing and synthesising 238 tourism and hospitality articles authored by 520 authors over 31 years through content analysis. The sample shows a trend toward increased use of quantitative methodology, multiple authorship and underrepresentation of hospitality research. By outlining current thematic convergence, divergence and omissions, we set out a future research agenda. Our findings demonstrate that while research productivity has been increasing consistently , there is a very limited representation of Ghanaian (African) tourism and hospitality research scholarship in the top-tier tourism and hospitality journals. This raises concerns about the need and challenge of increasing the representation and visibility of tourism and hospitality research from the peripheries.

Keywords: Content analysis; Ghana; hospitality research; tourism research; research productivity

This is a free to read and free to download article acessible through the link below. As always critiques, comments and questions are welcome….

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