Look out, the book proofs are in: Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa

The proofs of our book arrived this week with a tight turnaround deadline to check over and send back. Why do publishers take forever and then given authors a few days to respond to queries and final proofs? Fortunately, there were only three chapters (out of 10) that needed some extra work. This book is a compilation of the Special Issue that I co-edited with my Chairman Albert Kimbu based at the University of Surrey We had 8 papers for that Special Issue on “Sustainability in Tourism Policy and Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa” one of which was published late.

In addtion to the 8 papers of the SI, we have written a new extensive introduction and conclusion chapters. The introductory chapter outlines what we see as the varieties of sustainability conceptualised in tourism policy and planning strategies in different African countries. In the conclusion chapter, we argue for a reconsideration of what sustainability means for tourism policy and planning in sub-Saharan Africa. We then outline a future research agenda that links tourism policy and planning more intimately to the Sustainable Development Goals .

The book is ready for pre-order so get your university library to place an order here… https://www.routledge.com/Sustainable-Tourism-Policy-and-Planning-in-Africa/Adu-Ampong-Kimbu/p/book/9780367480509

The book cover alone should convince you to get a copy 🙂

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa  book cover

The marketing blurb reads….

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa offers an accessible and understandable overview of the challenges of integrating sustainability into tourism policy and planning in Sub-Saharan Africa and provides some interesting recommendations on how these could be overcome.

Tourism is currently growing faster in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and in many other developing regions compared to the rest of the world. Using case examples from different segments of the tourism sector in different country contexts, this volume therefore reassesses context specific tourism policies and planning mechanisms in SSA over the years. It considers how the increasing focus on sustainability is reflected in different areas of the tourism sector including food security, the human capacity management, service delivery, local communities and heritage management, climate change and the influence of colonial legacies on tourism policy planning.  For many SSA countries, it has only been in the last two decades that the development of sustainable and achievable context specific policies and planning mechanisms has become the norm. The chapters provide examples of how different dimensions of sustainability are integrated into tourism policy and practice, and examine the extent to which these are shaping the present, and their implications for the future sustainability of the tourism sector.

Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning in Africa will be of great value to academics, private and third sector employees to better understand tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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