Africa is a country… is South Africa

Did you know that Africa is a country? Well apparently the cliché is not only used by the average person but even institutions like my own University of Sheffield. Sometimes you just have to laugh these things off but most times it is a tad bit annoying that people keep lumping all the 54 countries (55 when you consider Western Sahara).

A lot has already been said about how such ‘Africa is a country’ labelling perpetuates power and certain forms of politics – I am not going to go into that. What I will say is this; when you come across something like this be it in speech or in text, do challenge it and educate others to know the ‘truth’ of the diversity of countries and people are in Africa.

Now look at this screen shot of a document I received and tell me what is odd about it.AaC


One thought on “Africa is a country… is South Africa

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