Happy Birthday! to my lovely wife, Marre

Today 17 September is the birthday of my beautiful wife Marre. Join me to wish her a wonderful birthday.

My dear Marre, I just want to wish you a happy birthday and to say thank you. Thank you for who you are – kind, loving, compassionate, thoughtful and a thousand many other adjectives that can describe the amazing person you are.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Wife

As we say in Ghana, “I don’t wan talk chauw” so I searched my archives and found this poem I wrote for you on 1st October, 2010. Almost 10 years on, you remain all this and more. I hope you like it…

My love, my dear
Affectionate and tender loving
Regal and resplendent in beauty
Rare gem that is invaluable and irreplaceable
Effeminate grace adorns your splendid figure

Dazzling is your effect on me
Each time I behold your face and see you smile

Virtuous is your middle name
Eager to love, to care and to make others smile
Tender in heart, resolute in will
Tampering justice with mercy, love and compassion
Ever will your name be praised
Never will I let you go

Happy Birthday my wonderful wife Marre!!! I love you so very much and glad that I can share this journey of life with you.


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